Train By Play


Training With Play

Puppies and dogs alike will learn more if they are having fun!  A puppy’s attention span is extremely short and time to process what is being taught is required. Short sessions of “empowered playtime” are the key.  Tunnels, ramps, children’s toys are all part of our equation.  Hide and seek, the muffin pan game, are ways puppies learn manners, obedience and social skills.  Interacting with each other in a puppy game of tug addresses many puppy nipping and mouthing issues.

The Bottle Pool

When our puppies are 4 weeks old we introduce the bottle pool!  This is a critical stage as the pups do not show fear yet.  We all have seen the “jumpy” dogs, who react to certain sounds, quick movements, and the unexpected.  Our puppies are able to experience sights, sounds, touch and motion.  This helps them become confident and stable puppies.

Brain Games

Saturday Night = Game Night!  Mental stimulation, and problem solving skills are imperative in successful puppy training.  The ability to “figure it out” and the “memory challenge” of repetition are key factors in creating our puppies to be thinking dogs.  We incorporate different toys designed to encourage independent thinking.