Savannah is a gorgeous, medium size, Double Doodle with Lavender color.  (This color has a smoky lavender chocolate coloring that almost gives off a pink to lilac appearance. These pups are born chocolate and will come into their beautiful lavender coats over the first few years. Their pigmentation should be rose in color.)  She is full of love and personality!  She loves to play sports and hunt for lizards.  Basketball with my boys is one of her favorite pastimes.  Second to playing is cuddles and kisses.  Whenever you need a good hug or smooch, Savannah is ready!



Quinn is from Savannah's first litter and is a "Phantom". Phantom markings are similar to the marking found on a doberman.  For people that like color variances on their dogs, Quinn is your girl.  She is also a very sweet, kind hearted girl.  She loves when we have puppies as she likes to play with them and we can see by her interactions with them she will make a GREAT mom.  Her first litter is scheduled for Spring of 2020.  We do have an interest list forming for those of you looking for a phantom pup. 



Harley is a fun loving guy that LOVES car rides and meeting new people.  Everyone loves Harley's laid back personality.  He makes friends everywhere he goes. Harley is the perfect guy for puppies that will be calm, loving yet playful.  He will be honeymooning with Savannah this fall and we can't wait to see the gorgeous babies these two will make.