Early Scent Introduction Training

A study was done over the course of seven years by stimulating the olfactory sense of pups from the age of 3 days thru 16 days.  This study proved that puppies who participated in the ESI (Early Scent Introduction) placed higher in field trials, and accomplish higher placement as much as three years sooner.  We are not training dogs for field trials, we are training puppies that will need the scent skills at the highest levels possible, to detect changes in body chemistry of their handler, specific scents of an environment in tracking, or skills in K9 nose work, just to name a few.

Our scents were chosen for specific reasons.  We presented the pups first with calming, smells as they arrive at our facility.  Their eyes and ears are not open yet which leaves there sense of smell higher than any other time in their life.  By us working their olfatory sense at this time we are making them more aware of the power of their nose.  We add stimulating scents as they age, along with environmental scents.  Their responses actually begin to tell us the personality of the puppy long before we ever see it in action.  Each reaction is notated on their training card, whether they had an extremely positive, positive, no reaction, even reaction, negative reaction, or highly negative reaction.   We have learned if mom likes the scent the pups usually do to, and if mom doesn’t you usually have one rebel pup that likes it while the others agree with their mom.  Very interesting statistics!